We incorporate a business model of associations and affiliations into our Business Customer Services portfolio.

This is mostly achieved by the wealth of experience and quality of workmanship previously demonstrated by our associates through the satisfactory conclusion of customers' digital imaging and print projects.

Our products, services and associations have passed the test of time, proven through customer satisfaction and strong and continued relationships.

Without doubt, they will perform for you!


Large format printing and scanning available - for building plans, machine drawings, diagrams etc.

Please note that we can not cater for one-offs.

What's NEW?

We continue adding valuable products and services to our range. Be sure to visit again soon!

Specialists in::
HP, Samsung, Brother, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark and all popular brands.
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In the mid 1980s, our primary efforts were aimed at ensuring quality reproduction of scanned images in newspapers and print media in general. Digitisation (scanning) was a new 'skill' that had to be accquired, with the ever increasing rate of technological development in the printing environment.
It was only some ten years later that the price of printer cartridges began taking its toll on the average Office Budget - mostly due to the vagaries of foreign exchange rates. By then, it had also become clear that the then recently purchased laser printers would require the attention of specialised technicians; not the current incumbent "System Monitors", who would later became known as the "IT Department."
So, our involvement in printer cartridges and printer repairs was more driven by prevailing economic factors than by design.

Our expertise covers most popular brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother, Xerox and Lexmark.

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